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Improving enterprise communication by introducing accountability to email

Timyo is the first business email solution to encourage clarity in email communication so everyone spends less time in their inbox

We are on a mission to preserve your time.

With Timyo you send and receive emails with clear expectations.
At a glance, you know if an email needs a reply and when.

Increased Productivity

With clear communication, you can focus on what matters, be better organized and provide better replies.

Reduced Stress

Respond intelligently based on sender’s actual need to eliminate stress that comes from the urge to reply instantly.


Get more things done with less stress.

Three key features to take back control of your own time.

Send email with clear expectations

Choose when you would like a response and what kind of response is expected.

Understand priorities at a glance

As a Timyo user, no need to open your email to know when and how to deal with it.

Keep your email on a schedule

Decide what to accomplish today, tomorrow or later and focus on what matters when it matters.

Timyo improves the employee experience by introducing clarity to your organization creating a healthy, more engaged workplace.

Improve organizational development and increase efficiency by reducing daily distraction and inbox checking.

Reinforce accountability and clear prioritization across teams to create a culture of relevant responsiveness.

Improve company performance by increasing clarity in communication so quality of content becomes a focus rather than the speed of the response.

True employee engagement starts with a collective approach to communication that shows respect for everyone’s time.

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Trusted by professionals at top companies.

"Not only does Timyo reduce the time I need to sift through emails it does the same for every one of my team members and that makes for a much more productive team."

Cho-Nan Tsai
CTO at Camino Financial

"Bottom line is Timyo helps me send better emails the first time so I get more done with a lot less typing."

Stephen Cameron
Realtor, Keller Williams

"Timyo extends my usual email experience to help me better manage time and expectations."

Jacques-Alexandre Gerber
Co-Founder & COO at STOIC

"Timyo helps me prioritize what I need to get to today and tomorrow without just making my email disappear and appear randomly. That's pretty awesome."

Brian Elkan
Traffic Director, Wister

"Timyo gives us an incredibly simple but powerful way to keep everyone on the same page for the emails that really matter to our business. For everything else we can use Slack."

David Dea
CEO, PURcraft
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