Timyo | email that matters, when it matters.

We believe that happiness starts with being in control of your own time.

How can we do anything we like if we are constantly interrupted, constantly robbed of precious minutes of our time by the barrage of incoming communications, starting with emails?

Emails are today’s silent killer. Their increasing volume puts us under constant pressure, destroys our productivity, and even affects our health.

Together, we can change this.

That's why we have evolved the email protocol and created Timyo, the only email platform that respects our most precious resource: time.

Timyo works with any email client or device you are using and lets you know at a glance if and when an email needs to be responded to and allows you to schedule when to deal with emails under your own terms. With Timyo you can stop wasting time with irrelevant emails and focus on what matters, when it matters.

Time Is My Own.

Email Better. Email Smarter.

At Timyo we are passionate about improving how communication tools can help people at and beyond the workplace.

Backed by our users.

88% of our users feel more productive and in control of their inbox.

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